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Madrid Emprende Virtual Community

We offer comprehensive support for entrepreneurship. The Single Window for Entrepreneurs is not just an advisory service, business incubators are not just physical spaces to have an office, a coworking space or hold events. In addition, they offer access to our portal, a virtual community that guarantees synergies between entrepreneurs.

Our community is open to entrepreneurs, SMEs and companies interested in our activity, you just have to register to start being part of it, do you sign up?

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Introduction to the platform

Madrid Emprende promotes your company with this online community. We give you the opportunity to make contacts, participate in events, learn more about the companies in the incubator network and you can even interact with other professionals to generate alliances.

As a member of our community you can be permanently connected and participate in all our activities, organize a meeting or attend meetings or events. You will have access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A glance at the community

Being a member of the community gives you the possibility of accessing different services associated with your profile, depending on whether you are a company in the incubator network, a company that supports entrepreneurship and collaborates with Madrid Emprende, or if you are an investor.

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